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A note about this web site. There's no porn, flashy graphics, frames, or similar stuff on it. Why? We don't think people are fooled by glitz over content. We could have all that, but it'd just slow down your access to the info we want you to see. Why should we waste your time waiting on things to download and our time developing things that waste your time?

Welcome to Clue® Computing. Clue® offers a wide array of consulting services for businesses needing dependable, high quality work done at a reasonable price.

Clue® commands extensive experience, a wide variety of in-depth knowledge, and a large number of industry contacts. We are sincerely committed to contributing to the success of our clients.

Offering Our Clients Services in the Following Areas:

Clue® will go to any customers site!

Clue's own Eric Robison traveled to Antarctica for the 1995-96, 1996-97, and 1997-98 field seasons. Eric assisted Project SOAR with systems and network administration and quality assurance. Here are some pictures taken with an Apple digital camera. Eric spent 3 months at Byrd Surface Camp (95-96), and Siple Dome (96-97 and 97-98). He kept in touch via a 100 baud satellite link.

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Last updated 31 July, 2010