13 June, 1996

Mr. David M. Graves
Internet Business Manager
Network Solutions, Inc.
fax # 703-742-8449

Re: Clue Computing, Inc.

Dear Mr. Graves:

I write to inform you that we will be filing the papers that accompany this letter in the Boulder County District Court as early as possible the morning of 13 June 1996. Please call me as soon as possible to discuss this matter. It would be best for both parties for NSI to agree, as it has done in similar cases, that the clue.com domain name will not be de-activated until the case can be fully and fairly tried. If you are willing to so agree, we can withdraw our requests for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction. I look forward to hearing from you.


Philip L. Dubois

cc: file, client

encl: Summons, Verified Complaint, Motion For Immediate Order Or To Set On Emergency Docket, Motion For Temporary Restraining Order And Preliminary Injunction, Affidavit, Attorney's Certification, Motion For Waiver Of Security Or Setting Of Nominal Security